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Open the proposal as an Adobe file or as a Word document

We are looking for people to recruit for our Third Option marriage enrichment program.
Please read the proposal as an Adobe file or as a Word document and ask your members to seek out and ask potential interested sharing couples in your congregations to contact me.
I can be reached with questions, etc., via email at or on my cell at 315-725-3745.

You can read more about The Third Option at their web site as you consider working with us for our own program. 

Thank you so much and God bless you all,
Father Rich Dibble+


Hey you! Are you a teen? At a crossroads? Having trouble with something? Looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon? God loves you and STOC wants you! Bring your fabulous self along with all your talents to help us start a relevant youth group. If you don't think you have any talents, let us help you figure out what you have. We want your friendship and input on how to help you and your friends grow in Christ. Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us come up with a name! If you're interested in the idea, contact me, Emily Dibble, at 315-765-1856 or try my dad, Father Rich Dibble at 315-725-3745 or at Together we can!


Modern church growth often involves advertising all its attractions: dramatic preaching; glorious music of the latest style, unlimited ministries, and overflowing attendance. Scheduling emphasis is placed upon spectacle and personal convenience, rather than slowing down to honor the Lord. Some may offer a temporary 'feel good' experience without depth or real ties to the other members. In all of this somehow something of Jesus may seem lost.

 St. Thomas of Canterbury

Our little church, St. Thomas of Canterbury in Halfmoon, sees modern life as fragmented, in a hurry and harried. The individual man, woman and child is caught up in relentless frenzies and is ultimately alone. We strive for a community where each member is an integral part of a deep and vibrant life together where love for each other reflects God's love for each of us. God's mission of reconciling all creation is centered on calling and gathering a people who will bear witness in their life together this work of God in Christ. In good time the intimacy of our lives together will ripple out from our altar forming personal examples of what a Christian really is.

Our faith is simple. Our prayer life is rich. Our songs honor Christ not "I". We discover meaning in our lives by knowing the season's of Christ life. His Passion is our passion.

We do our utmost to reconnect with that which is truly important. We harken back to a simpler, more rooted existence by promoting the blessings of quiet time, fellowship and sharing. We treasure the stability of place, family and enduring friendship. We see ourselves as caretakers of His creation. These are not radical ideas. They are Christian ones. To us hospitality, gracious liturgy, hymn singing, quiet prayer and works of mercy are ideals. We come together to do something of importance in our lives, to be thankful and to love each other as God loves each of us.


Morning Prayer

Our fine rector, Father Richard Dibble, divides his time between St. Lucy's Mission and our parish. He celebrates Holy Communion at St. Thomas of Canterbury twice a month. Sundays, when he is not here, we read Morning Prayer together around a table we set up in the narthex, Everyone takes turns reading the service, the psalm, the canticles, the lessons and the collect. Morning Prayer can be said in twenty minutes but what with talking points and questions our do-it-yourself service usually consumes a quick hour and a half. This often proves to be a profound spiritual adventure.



Regular Sunday Services

10 am

Please join us for coffee hour after services

The Reverend Richard Dibble


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Picnic Beneath Wisteria ArborPicnic Beneath Wisteria Arbor

Father Rich Dibble with son Uriah at our Picnic
Father Rich Dibble with son Uriah at our Picnic

Ben Ross, Art LeBlanc and Dave Bullard Watching Ball at Annual Croquet Game
Ben Ross, Art LeBlanc and Dave Bullard Watching Ball at Annual Croquet Game

Archived News, Events, Items of Interest


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